The Challenge

Laos is poor and backward. Because of poverty and the generally low educational level of the population, many parents are reluctant to send their children to school. The local schools are Buy cipla fincar poorly-equipped and the environment is so inadequate that they do not even have clean water and well-trained teachers. Laos needs immediate external support.


  1. Laos has a population of 9 million, including 7.2 million people living a self-contained life by farming in villages and mountain areas.
  2. Laos remains one of the most backward countries in the world even though the domestic economy is stably improving.
  3. The number of street children is rapidly increasing in Laos in recent years. The children have no choice but to live in danger.

Our Response



Case sharing


Orphaned at a young age, Lucy (pseudonyms) has been living with her elder brother and his wife in a Lao village. Three years ago, Lucyai??i??s brother became ill-tempered under the effect of drugs and often physically abused Lucy for no reason. At a tender age of 14, Lucy had no means of self-defense against her family members who have lost control of themselves, so all she Where to buy purim costumes could do was live in fear and nightmare.

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In the beginning of 2016, AEAai??i??s Street Children Centre in Laos received an assistance request from the Head of the village. Social workers promptly made a home visit to assess Lucyai??i??s situation, and we recommend Lucy to move to our centreai??i??s dormitory. Lucy was overwhelmed by the Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Social Workerai??i??s suggestion, saying: ai???I cannot believe that I can escape this place which is filled with


At the age of 15, Lucy started her first-ever studies in the centre and played with children of her own age. She also equipped herself with skills to make a living through vocational trainings. ai???I Order micardis medication lived with no hope, until Education changed my life and allowed me to decide my own